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Elijah Wood

Now that's a filmography!!!!!!!

A complete filmography:
Back to the Future part 2 (1989) - Video game boy #1
Internal Affairs (1990)- Sean
Avalon (1990)- Michael
Paradise (1991)- Willard
Forever young (1992)- Nat
The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993)- Huck Finn
The Good Son (1993)- Mark
North (1994)- North
The War (1994)- Stuart
Flipper (1996)- Sandy
The Ice storm (1997)- Mikey
Oliver Twist (1997)- the Artful Dodger
Deep Impact (1998)- Leo
The Faculty (1998)- Casey
Black and White (1999)- Wren
The Bumblebee flies anyway (2000)- Barney
Chain of Fools (2000)- Mikey
LOTR- the Fellowship of the Ring (2001)- Frodo
LOTR- The Two Towers (2002)- Frodo
Ash Wednesday (2002)- Sean
Try Seventeen (2002)- Jones
LOTR- the Return of the King (2003)- Frodo
Thumbsucker (2003)- Justin

LOTR cast



OK,when I work it out, I will add some mutimedia- some sounds, videos, etc. in this space. But for now, just visit Always and Forever coz they have a great selection of clips!

Always and Forever







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