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Elijah Wood

Sayings and Quotes

Some sayings that can be cleverly injected into you're daily conversation!
Movie sayings:
'It's the dead guy!' (Forever Young)
'It's the Flipper show!' (Flipper)
'It must really blow being you.' (the Faculty)
'Guarunteed to jack you up!' (the Faculty)
'Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it tends to keep the hitman alive!' (Chain of Fools)
'I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdom but for the warning in my heart.' (LOTR)
(' Do I look cool or what?')
' Or what?' (Flipper)
'God, you can be such a...' ('what?')...'pretty cool human being when you're not being a first class, grade A bitch!' (the Faculty)
'I'd rather be afraid' (the Faculty)
'No,no, not the pole!' (the Faculty)
' I this chair being used?' ('does it look like its being used?')..' Does it look like its being used...that's a good one!' (*pick up chair and smashes it on guy's head*) 'Well now its being used!' (Chain of Fools)
'Oooh..Showdown!' (the Faculty)
''re takin' it!' (the Faculty)
'I have a glow-in-the-dark universe on my ceiling!' (Forever Young)

Some qoutes from interviews, etc......
General Quotes:
' the absence of love, there's nothing worth fighting for.' (as said about 'The War' )
'It's actually here (points to his torso), I don't think I can show it!' (about his tattoo)
'I don't want to wear it as it brings out the evil in me!' (as said about the 'One Ring' that was given to him)
'I'm not on drugs. I'm not an alcoholic. I've just got incredible people backing me up...I wouldn't even think about taking drugs. I think it's ridiculous! I think people are throwing their lives away. River Phoenix was such a talented actor. I would have loved to see him win an Oscar. He so deserved it. Obviously he got mixed in with the wrong crowd. That ruined him. I love life. I've always been this way!'
'I'm not a star, a star is nothing but a ball of gas!'
'I'm a normal kid, but normal is such an overused word. It's a facade, it's not real, it's virtual. Normal is what you make of it. If your life is good, that's normal for you.If your life is a constant plan, or a common way of life, that's normal, because you do it constantly.'
'There's nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility is being superior to your former self.'
'Oh, believe me dude, I'm 20 years old, there's no growing left, That's it. Unfortunately it's a sad fact.' (referring to his height)
'Believe me, the world does not revolve around movies. Mine certainly doesn't.'
'That's the kind of movie that should be making massive money- not that fucking Pearl Harbour piece of shit!'
'So much time is wasted on trying to be better than others.'
'My GOD. Ridiculous. I've never been in so much pain in my life!' (about getting a tattoo)
'damn my babyface!'
'I assure you, I am not sexless'

Elijah: I don't know. I am a real romantic, not classical or cliché, like flowers all the time, but I think I'm romantic in the sense I believe in passion and the moment, and words that mean something in a special way. I guess I'm really tactile and I love the sense of touch from someone you care about. And expressing one's emotion in an honest way and that can be romantic. I think one of the most romantic things is waking up to someone in the morning, I find that beautiful.
' Good triumphs over evil, but at what cost?'
'I still have nighmares about wetting myself on stage.'
(On being an honorary Kiwi).. Lij- I'm a fruit... No I'm not a fruit. Ian McKellen's a fruit not me.


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