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Tuesday- 19/8/03
I regret to announce that this is the end! I no longer have the time to continue running this site- I will however keep it as a permanent site, just I won't update the News and Gossip page. I thank you all for your support and it's been great.
I will keep the guestbook and poll running also. I do however have one last bit of news, which you've probably all heard, but Elijah's appendix has burst and he was rushed to hospital apparantly, check out for the article, so hopefully he's ok! Poor guy.
OK- I bid you all a fond farewell! Ciao!

Tuesday- 22/7/03
Just a quick update today- a very cool little thing from The Awful Truth (E!Online) (don't worry 'Lij- I laughed too!) Also- some cool LOTR stuff from ALA (just click on the sci fi/ fantasy link) a line up for the Comic Con at their site and an Elijah sighting at E!Online.

Sunday- 6/7/03
OMG! The most GORGEOUS BABY pics of Elijah- wow! Also a few misc. pix- including one with the Donnas- how lucky is he? I'm so jealous!

Wednesday- 2/7/03
Wow- I haven't written in ages! Only a few things tho (and I'm glad, coz the last update was massive!) TTT won 4 'Spacey Awards' for Favourite Creature Character (Gollum), Favourite Movie Hero (Aragorn), Best Action Scene (Helms Deep) and best Sci Fi/ Fantasy. Also- a little 'Lord of the dance' article thatnks to TORn and you can vote in a poll for the Comic Con at

Ok- lots today! Links to an Elijah Quiz, info on his animated movie, his Book Pals reading ("Me and My cat")(You can also see Sean Astins- 'A bad case of Stripes).Vote for 'Lij in the Dolly Hottest 100, get involved in a Fan Book, take a NZ tour of the LOTR locations, A+F has heaps of GORGEOUS new Lij pix- thanx guys! And sign a petition to have the Hobbit made into a movie, also, The Eternal Sunshine movie could be released Nov. 14.

Tuesday- 3/6/03
Well, well, well, apparently the Embassy Theatre (which is hosting the ROTK prem.) will have a MASSIVE ring hanging from the front! How funky! Also- a poll to vote for 'Lij - he needs our support- even though he's winning! Go team! Oooh- and LOTR is set to be a musical! Cool! And the MTV Movie Awards are set to be aired in the US, June 5th at about 9pm. Hope it comes on TV here in Oz! And a link to a ROTK clip (or something like that!)

Sunday- 1/6/03
So cool! MTV Movie Awards were on (of course has a better selection of photos- but, OMG- CUTE! (Yay! the hair's growing back!) Obviously won some awards (I voted!) and a link to a Book Pals reading that 'Lij has done and that's about it!

Book Pals

Wednesday- 28/5/2003
Hello! Very cool- Elijah has been nominated for 'Choice Movie Actor- Drama/ Action Adventure for TTT and also, TTT has been nominated for 'Choice Movie Drama/ Action Adventure- don't forget to vote! Also, Apparantly, the ROTK premiere will be on Dec. 1 at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington. Last but not least, there is an Elijah look-a-like on (personally I don't think they look alike, but judge it for yourself!)

Thursday- 22/5/2003
Not much news today- a Eternal Sunshine article (and Elijah wasn't mentioned, because....?) also a crossword FEATURING 'Lij! And a link with really cool Elijah interview thingies. And a pic onA+F- one of the girls said she got and autographed 'Lij pic- OMG- he actually REPLIED! (I apologise for sarcasm)

Friday- 16/5/03
I'm baaack! Did ya miss me? (er,no!) Lucky I didn't miss out on and MASSIVE, ground breaking news about Lij- just some really hot, brand spankin' new photos (which I can't upload coz they're bitmaps- GODDAMNIT!) But check em out on A+F and BagEndInn. I've added a few quotes and have a few links.

Sunday- 4/5/03
Happy Birthday to me! (for yesterday!) *throws confetti* I'm now 15!Oh and thankyou to everyone- we just went past the 500 mark on the Hit Counter! YAY! I have no news, just another reminder that I'll be interstate (in Queensland) for 'bout 2 weeks so I wont be updating! (Not on my holiday! Geez!) Ok, BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Wednesday- 30/4/03
Ok, change of plan. Last time I said I was going to completely redo the site- but I'm not because I've been reeeeeally busy and another forewarning- I'll be in Queensland for 2 weeks so no news until I get back! (well, duh!) An article about the Try Seventeen premiere- except they're calling it 'All I Want' (what the...?) And a funny  Lord of the Floppies comic. And Elijah has topped the charts in a BBC poll! Yay!

Sunday- 20/4/03
Hello again! Just a forewarning- I plan to (eventually when I get time) shut down this site and start all over again with a better layout and URL- so bear with me! I went web surfing the other day and found some more great Elijah sites- including Elijah's Blue Eyes- thankyou for signing the guestbook! And TTT has been nominated in the MTV Movie Awards for Best Movie, Team (Frodo, Sam + Gollum), Action Scene (Helms Deep), Actor (Viggo) and Virtual Scene (gollum) Vote for 'em!

Friday- 11/4/03
Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I been busy! I have links to an article with details as to Elijah giving the voice to a penguin in an animated movie called Big Feet that's to be recorded in Australia (yay!) in 2005. And an article about a LOTR stage show in Chicago and apparantly the Eternal Sunshine movie is to be released in November 14th (that's too long to wait!)

Tuesday- 1/4/03
April Fool's Day! And Happy Birthday to my friend Stacey! Got sum news! A link to the sweetest quotes on Elijah, and an article about an Oscar survival kit that Elijah (and others) recieved. And please everyone sign a petition for improvingNew Zealand's Organ Donor Program. You'll see that Elijah has signed it (no. 184) as well as Orlando (134) and Peter Jackson (33). That's it!

Wednesday- 26/3/03
Back again! ( yeah- 2 days later!) Anyway- still no breaking news, but once again, more cool links and pix! Enjoy! And you know what- no one has sent me anything in ages! C'mon people!

Monday- 24/3/03
Lotsa links today (just like last time!) and a couple of pics but that's about it!

Wednesday- 19/3/03
Lotsa stuff today! Vote for 'Lij as Best Butt Kicker award at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, an Elijah obsession quiz, an Ash Wednesday review and a link to a site where you can play Elijah games. Also, I can't post all of  'em here, but Always and Forever  have the most gorgeous Back 2 the Future caps! And an Elijah hangman game. Phew!

Monday- 17/3/03
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! (not that it has anything to do with 'Lij, but) OMG! I just heard that ROTK is going to be 4 hours long! Whao! As well as some more pictures!

Tuesday- 11/3/03
Ok, just a few pix today. Also, apparantly Elijah will still be in Thumbsucker, so I don't know why it said he wouldn't be! Also, a link to a really go site with info on 'Eternal Sunshine (etc..)' and a quote from Kelly Osborne about 'Lij:
'he's been a really good friend for 2 years. I havent seen him for ages though because he's been filming try seventeen with Mandy Moore. Elijah is really intelligent - he knows loads about the world!'

Eternal Sunshine

Saturday- 8/3/03
Hey everyone! Not much news ( as usual of late!) But anyway, just a few new pics and a link, to a great LOTR ( Stars of the Ring) group, which I recently joined, so check it out! OMG, I just found this wicked virtual wedding thing! You can now be married to Elijah!

Stars of the Ring

Virtual Wedding

Sunday- 2/3/03
OK, today I have the script for (well, a link for it anyway)TTT, how cool! Also an article about ROTK and a link where you can watch clips from Ash Wednesday.

TTT script

Thursday- 27/2/03
Thursday already! Where does the week go? Anyway, once again, more birthday wishes! But this time to my good friend Nikki! (she'll be 15 tomorrow). I do have some news today, TTT recieved 3 BAFTA awards, for Special Visual effects, costume design and it was voted (by the public) Film of the Year. Also, TTT will be on DVD August 22 for those of you in the UK. And some sad news, Elijah has been dropped from the cast of Thumbsucker! Apparantly his character Justin will now be played by Keanu Reeves. Bummer! 

Well, first off, lets all say 'Happy Birthday' to my sister (she's 12!). Now, about Elijah, apparantly he was mean't to be at this Celebrity Charity Hockey game but never showed up! Also, I have a link to HEAPS of ' the Bumblebee flies Anyway' screencaps (you just have to sign up first but its worth it!) I also have more pics (which I was going to do last night but the computer decided not to co-operate!) and a few more links also! Also, I'll be changing the poll soon,so a big thankyou to all those who voted!! I love you guys!

Wednesday- 19/2/03
YAY! Ash Wednesday is out on VHS and DVD! Also, my friend Kelly sent me some pics, which aren't exactly new, but who cares! Thanx babe! I also have 2 scans from assorted mags, and that's about it for today!

Sunday- 16/2/03
OMG, I can't believe I haven't updated in so long! But there's STILL not much news! (c'mon 'Lij!! We're getting bored here! j/k!) Anyway, I got sum CUTE! pix, but that's about it! Also, completely un-Elijah-related, but please visit my friend Rachel's: Brett Lee Site (Aussie cricketer!SOOO hot! not as Hot as Elijah though! Geez, no one's close!'cept maybe Orli......ok,I'll shut up now! ) So, yeah, nice to communicate with you all again! Hehehehe!

Rachel's Site

Monday- 10/2/03
Hey again! I realise I haven't updated in like, a week! But there really hasn't been much, so......yeah! But I'm here now with pics (yay, glorious pics!) and a link where you can vote for TTT (and other things).  Also a BIG thanks to everyone whos signed my Guestbook so far! I love u guys! And Gorgeous Geeky has a great new layout- check it out! Also, this could be just a rumour, but someone on said ELijah hasa new girlfriend called Mindy! Does anyone have anymore info?!

Vote for TTT!!!!

Tuesday- 4/2/03
Ok, so I don't have much to update with (once again!) and you're probably wondering why I even bother! Just because I feel wierd if I haven't updated in over a few days! Plus, it gives me a reason to gaze at pics of him! Hehehe! Fun, huh! 

Sunday- 2/2/03
Well, not much today either (obviously Elijah's a bit on the quiet side lately! I don't blame him either!) I just have a few things- one of them, thes ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! thing, like a LOTR Juniour with pics of him in Huck Finn but with LOTR captions! Anyway, check it out! Also, I was thinking the other day (not something I do often!) and we have 5 Elijah movies to look forward to this year! We got, ROTK, 'Eternal", Try 17, Thumbsucker and Ash Wed. ! SO COOL!

Huck Finn/LOTR

Dangerous Hobbit!

Thursday- 30/1/03
Not much today actually, just a few more pics in the gallery and I also added a Hit Counter to the home page! Yay! I'm still working on adding the Guestbook though! Oh, and I do have this article that's sort of a review, sort of a spoof thing! It's funny!


Tuesday- 28/1/03
HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY ELIJAH!!!!!!YAY! Hope you had a good one mate! Apparantly, he's having a nice quiet dinner with some friends and (if he doesn't chicken out again!) someone dared him to go to a strip club, ( it should be interesting!) All my friends and I celebrated at school- we sang 'Happy Birthday'! Congrats TTT who have been nominated for 9 BAFTA awards! Not much news actually just a few more pics!

Sunday- 26/1/03
HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! (to all us Aussies!) I got some very cute (as always!) pics today! And, some info on this E!Online thing, that mentions Elijah and vote for Lij as one of the SEXIEST men! (hell yeah!) I also added some new pics to the Gallery. And a cute article from Teen about those to oh-so-cute (and mischievous) hobbits Elijah and Dom!

Sexy Poll

Teen Hollywood

E! Online

Friday- 24/1/03
Ok, so I haven't updated in a while, but that's because there hasen't been much news! But I do have news now! I got 2 articles and something else (which has a small mention of the question I asked! hehehe! kool!) And for us aussies, on Saturday (25th) on channel Seven at 8:30, the Golden Globes are on TV, so keep an eye out for Elijah! (I don't know if he went, but check it out anyway!)  OMG! 4 days 'till Elijah's 22nd!!!!! Yay!

Sunday- 19/1/03
Hehehe! How cool, you can bid for Elijah's (or any other celebritie's) THUMBPRINTS!!!!!!  It's like worth A$2000!!! Also (sorry I don't have that many) but on Always and Forever, there are HEAPS of pics from the set of 'Lij's new movie.  Also- change of plans, Elijah will not be on Conan O'Brien (as expected) don't ask why! And this little Valantine's thing from Twist magazine: Dream Date: Elijah would probably take you to an amusement park where you guys can just chill and have fun! The adorable things he's do throughout the day are what make the date so special. The way he'd hold your hand right before riding scary roller coasters, how he'd give you a sweet kiss on the ferris wheel, and the way he'd spend hours trying to win the stuffed animal you want! AW!  Man, now I REALLY want to go on a date with him! How sweet!!!!

Friday- 17/1/03
Hey, I'm back! Lucky I didn't miss out on anything monumental! Oh, and Happy 26th Birthday to Orlando Bloom (for the 13th). I found a pic of Elijah in New York for his new film (nice to see his hair growing back!!) and an older pic that I've never seen before, from Twist magazine.Well, that's about it for now- not much actually! ( One last thing- how cool is this- us South Aussies go back to school on Elijah's birthday! YAY! I can get everyone to help me celebrate!) 

Sunday- 12/1/03
Well, ok, so the Frodo and Sam pic didn't work *shakes fist at stupid, incompetent disk!!!!* but I have something to make up for it. It's slightly older (you can tell be the hair!) but its a funny and cute nonetheless! ----->
Oh, and just a warning, I wont be updating for a while because I'll be away on holiday for about 4 days (will you miss me? NOPE!!!!!) so, I'll definately have some major updating to do! Also, I have another CUTE, LOTR guy to add to the list (Elijah and Orlando of course!) and who else but Dominic Monaghan! I don't care what anyone else thinks! He's cute!  (and I got a pic of him too!) And- for all us Aussies, the latest Dolly and TV Hits mags have Elijah stuff in them and so does the TV Hits 2003 diary!

Thursday- 9/1/03
Ok, well, I've added some new pics to the gallery (fairly recent- well before the whole hair thing anyway!) Also, I got word that Elijah will be on Conan O'Brien on Friday the 17th on NBC at 12:35am! A little article (--->) with a very UN-subtle (is that a word?) heading! Also a pic from Return of the King (ROTK) Yay! It's actually looks kinda sad (with both Frodo and Sam looking a little worse for wear!) And I don't wanna nag, but how come no one sends me stuff anymore? *sniff*

Tuesday- 7/1/03
Nothing much today, but I figured I'd post this cute little article/pic (its so cute!) ---->

Well, an interesting article today- 'are hobbits gay?' As well as a link to a few clips, etc from the TTT game. As you may have noticed, I've added a Quotes and Sayings page, if you have anything to contribute, please email me. Also, soon, I will be adding (to the Bio.) a list of Elijah's awards. Also, I am in desperate need of any .jpg or .gif pictures, if you can spare any, please send them in! Thanx!

Friday- 3/1/03
OMG- how stupid am I? With everything I had to write the other day, I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that I SAW TTT! Its good, but, in a way, kinda dissapointing! I know, I know, shame on me for saying that, but they cut so much out! Especially the part with the giant spider and Frodo and Sam, I can't believe they cut that out!!!!! And they didn't end it properly!! Ah well, still entertaining. Also, I have a link to a really cute article in which Elijah talks about bringing girls home. Hehe, he said he prefers girls with dark hair and an accent- gee, what a coincidence, I have dark hair and an Australian accent (does that count?)

Teen Hollywood

Wednesday- 1/1/03
Woo Hoo! Happy New Year everyone! Man, it was crappy in Adelaide though! Windy, rainy and COLD even though its mean't to be SUMMER! Well, I hope Elijah and his friends had fun on the farm in England or Scotland or wherever they were! Speaking of Elijah, I've got another interview and a video thing and a cute little article. And Mandy Moore has a new song '17' (for 'Try seventeen' ) in which the fiml clip features scenes from the movie with Elijah and Franka and Mandy. Also, hehe, a funny exert from and interview with 'Lij-
" One night when Sean Bean and Viggo were drinking, they decided to break into Orlando's hotel room and kidnap him, dragging him screaming down the stairs.It was absolutely delighful".  Sounds like fun! I also have here, another article (or 2). And this has nothing to do with Elijah, but my friend just made her own Chad Michael Murray site- please visit and tell her what u think! . Ok- I need pictures of Lij!

Friday- 27/12/02
Well, I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I certainly did! Coz I got lotsa LOTR stuff (yay!) Anyway, I actually haven't got much news, I just felt like updating coz I was bored! He he! But, I do have a link to Dolly magazine, where they have an Elijah shrine (god, who wouldn't!!!!!!) Hey, this is both a good thing and a bad thing, us South Aussies (well my school anyway) start next year on Elijah's birthday- the 28th of January!!!!! Hehe, I'm getting some ideas.........

Dolly mag.

Monday- 23/12/02
Well, not much today, except an article from Yahoo, about a new movie that Elijah will be doing. Also a link to a new interview. And this is what Elijah wants for Christmas: " an iPod for the Mac with 20 gigs. I already have one with 10 gigs, but it doesn't hold enough songs." He he, how cute! Also, Elijah has mentioned that he will move into his OWN apartment and do his OWN cooking and laundry ('bout time too!) j/k! Also, a link for the pics from whe 'Lij was on Leno- so cute!

Saturday- 21/12/02
Well, then, I didn't know Thursday's update was gonna be THAT long! Ah,well, it's all good. Lucy sent me a really godd pic, thankyou. Also, a link to an article from E Online with a very, er, interesting answer from Elijah! Also, I dont have a pic of it yet (bear with me ppl!) but here's the article from NW magazine:
The Lord Of The Rings stars Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan gathered some pals at LA Airport to hold a suprise farewell for a dear friend who was heading back to London. The group held up humorous signs, blew on whistles and wore daggy hats to send off there mate. They then formed a colourful conga line and danced around the terminal singing the old classic 'Kumbaya my Lord' and the Craig David hit ' Walking Away'. The Two Towers, the highly anticipated second instalment in the LOTR trilogy, opens in Australia on December 26.
He he, how sweet!

E online article

Elijah's work

Elijah memorabilia

E online

Time magazine

Sunday- 15/12/02
Hey, for us Aussies (yay!) there will be a LOTR-Return to Middle Earth special on channel 9 at approx 10:45pm (depends what state you're in, could be later). Also, the reason Elijah wasn't at the London (or sir Ian McKellen either) because they were both on their way to Wellington. I've added some links down the bottom for some articles, etc....and that's about it 4 today!

LOTR plane

Making of TTT



















Empire article

Ash Wednesday clips


Wood doesn't mind the Sunshine

LOTR cast,etc.


from Kelly!




Radio Show Transcript





So cute! From a Japanese magazine

From the TTT premiere in LA

Article 3

Article 2

Article 1

Always and Forever






Dominic is yet another LOTR cutie!



Are Hobbits gay?

TTT game

A slightly older pic, but cute nonetheless

mag. Scan

Article 2

Article 1


Video thing

3 pages of Elijah/Leno pix!

Yahoo article

Elijah interview

From my friend Kelly!

From Lucy



LOTR spoof (it's funny!)

How cute! Hey, hasn't Sean lost a lot of weight?!


He he, what a cute pic!

Elijah's new hair (or lack of it!)

Another good Elijah interview with YM, thanks to Always and Forever!

Elijah interview

Here's an interview with Elijah Wood:


A very strange but funny animation here:

LOTR animation

Some of Elijah's personal pic here: (thanx to Elijah Wood Inc.)

Elijah pics


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